4 Reasons Hanko is the Perfect Gift this Christmas

1. It has a long history

Traditional materials like boxwood, stone, and ox horn have been used since the early days of Hanko in the Orient. Thanks to their durability and simple, traditional aesthetics, these materials are still used today for the majority of hanko sold in Japan.  Not only that, with font and design that have existed for hundreds of years, a hanko is a truly timeless gift that transcends generations.


2. A better use for precious materials

Precious stones like crystal and jade are pleasing to the eye when shaped into accessories, but sometimes we want something that is beautiful, precious, yet functional. Hanko embodies these three qualities in a sleek, simple, and easy to carry form. In addition, hanko made of precious material make a good companion to those special occasions such as marriage and the birth of a child that may require a seal.

3. It’s functional

If you live in Japan, there will be many occasions that call for a Hanko, so you can be sure that your hanko will get a lot of use. From opening a bank account, to renting a room, a hanko acts as one’s official signature for such purposes. Hanko can also act as a company’s official seal, or an artist’s signature on a piece of artwork. In Japan, some even use hanko as a quick way to sign off packages. Hanko’s versatile function and beautiful, durable material make it the perfect gift for those who love practical gifts that serve multiple purposes.

For more information on when to use hanko in Japan, check out our blog post!


4. A gift that lasts

With the hanko being essentially a representation of an individual, it was of course originally designed to last a lifetime. The carefully carved text ensures a clear impression years after a hanko was first made, and the materials do not decay. A good hanko can be passed down from parent to child and make a suitable family symbol or heirloom for generations to come.


At Hanko Square, we want you to love your hanko for decades to come, so every hanko sold comes with its very own 10-year guarantee. This ensures that we never compromise on quality, and that your hanko is ready to serve you for the rest of your life. In the off chance that your hanko shows defects within 10 years from the date of purchase, we’ll remedy it- for free*!


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