Kamogawa Hanko Case

Every hanko needs a home! This is a beautiful case made from natural hides and decorated with a traditional Japanese technique called Kamogawa. The interior of the case is made from plush velvet, and the inside of the lid has an elaborate embroidered design. There is also a small inkpad built into the case, meaning you can be ready to stamp important documents wherever you are.

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The name of Kamogawa comes from Kamogawazome, which is a famous kimono dyeing style. It derives from the special dyeing technique created in Edo era, called Yuzenzome.  This dyeing technique is featured by splendid pictorial designs of a person, flowers or birds. This inkan case reproduces Yuzenzome by printing flower Yuzen patterns over its durable natural hides with vivid colors. The inside lining is made of red velvet and its cover’s inside is decorated by golden wave fine patterns.