Nikko-In In-dei Kneaded Vermillion Inkpad

The In-Dei kneaded vermillion inkpad is a safe and nature friendly organic kneaded vermillion inkpad.

This pad is great for first time users of kneaded vermillion inkpads, because it’s available at a friendly price without compromising the quality of Nikko-In kneaded vermillion. Since it does not dry or harden during storage, this ink pad can be used without being kneaded again.

The ink is made of moxa mainly imported from China, and its case is made of plastic resin with the words Nikko-In In-Dei printed on the lid in Japanese.

  • Choose the size and number of inkpads you'd like to

    • 1200 ¥
    • 1700 ¥
    • 2200 ¥


In the past, samurai contracts were sealed with keppan, a thumbprint sealed with the warrior’s own blood, cut by his own blade. The vermillion color of the Japanese seal comes from the blood of these keppan to represent the significance of their seal. There are two main types of vermillion inkpad: the common sponge-type inkpad and premium inkpads made from kneaded vermillion.

The kneaded inkpad keeps the original color for a long time and its impression does not get blurred. Because of its high quality, kneaded type vermillion ink is used for arts like painting and calligraphy.