Nishiki Mimikaki (Ear Cleaner) w/Pouch


Put down that Q-tip!

Q-tips are a leading cause of ear injuries every year due to misuse. Despite the manufacturer’s insistence that they’re meant only for use outside the ear, many people perforate their eardrums while trying to clean the wax out of their ears with a cotton-tipped applicator (more commonly known as Q-tips). Although they may feel good when used this way and seem to get out some of the gunk, in fact Q-tips push wax further in the ear, impacting it and worsening the problem. What you need is a precision tool!

Meet the Mimikaki

Japanese people love to clean their ears, and each others’ ears. Ear cleaning (mimi souji, 耳掃除) is a bonding experience that starts with mothers and their babies, and some couple even bond by setting their head in each others’ laps and taking turns scooping excess wax out of their ears. There are even maid cafes in Akihabara where you can get a professional ear cleaning from a girl in a maid outfit; there’s a hilarious account written by an American who went to one of these cafes on Rocketnews24.

Our mimikaki are beautifully lacquered and tipped with a bell, giving you a pleasant tingle in more ways than one! It comes with a lovely chirimen (textured silk) pouch.


Because of the wide variety of colors available and ever-changing stock, we offer this product with random coloring, which may include vibrant combinations not pictured here. If you have a strong preference include a note with your order and we can try to set something aside for you. We appreciate your understanding.



It’s important to note that your genetics may determine the type of wax in your ears; people of Asian descent tend to have drier ear wax which is more effectively removed with mimikaki, while people of European descent often have the wetter, orange wax. The orange wax can still be removed with mimikaki, but it may explain why Q-tips are so popular in western countries.

Ear wax is a naturally occurring secretion and also naturally clears out of your ears; although it feels good, it’s not necessary to clean it out manually, and most medical professionals recommend against sticking anything in your own ears because of the risk of injury. Always exercise extreme caution when using these products.