Chirimen Triangle Coin Pouch


A froggy coin pouch with a unique design!

This attractive chirimen coin pouch may be shaped like a delicious onigiri, but it has a very interesting design! undo the frog-shaped button and slide the clasp up. This allows you to unfold the sides, revealing that the pouch is actually rectangular! Although it seems less secure than a snap-clasp or zipper, your coins won’t be going anywhere until you make the frog jump!


About 10cm (3.9″) wide and 7.5cm (2.9″) tall, unfolded.

Color Options:

If we are out stock for the color ordered, we will contact you to offer suitable alternatives or let you cancel that item from your order. If we do not receive a response within two business days, we will do our best to fulfill the order with a suitable color alternative. We appreciate your understanding.



Have you ever noticed in Japanese pop culture that some characters have frog-themed coin pouches? That’s because of an old play on words! The Japanese word for frog is “Kaeru,” which is a homonym for the verb “to return/come back.” So, by having frogs on your coin pouch, you’re hoping that your money will “come back to you!”