Rakkan-in Artist Chop Hanko Case


PLEASE NOTE: This is our only case made to accommodate SQUARE hanko like Rakkan-in/Artist Chops. It can hold round hanko as well. Our other cases designed for round hanko will NOT fit Rakkan-in.

Rakkan-in, also known as artist chops, are special hanko used by artists and calligraphers to sign their artworks.

This square case is designed especially for rakkan-in square hanko. it has a velvet lining that will protect your Rakkan-in for a lifetime.

Don’t forget to also get an inkpad so you can sign your work with quality vermillion ink. For best results with this inkpad, we recommend using kneaded vermillion inkpads such as the Nikko-in In-Dei or Nikko-in Premium pads.



This case can accommodate all of our Rakkan-in Artist Chop sizes up to 18mm. It has a plush, padded velvet lining and a beautifully decorated cloth exterior with a simple clasp to keep your chop safe and secure. This case does NOT use any animal products.

This case can also be used for round hanko.

This case does not have an ink reservoir. Don’t forget to also get an inkpad.