Rubbed Oxhide Hanko Case

From: ¥1,700

Every hanko needs a home! Keep yours in this simple, stylish case, made from premium rubbed oxhide. The interior of the case is made from plush velvet, and the inside of the lid has an elaborate embroidered design. There is also a small inkpad built into the case, meaning you can be ready to stamp important documents wherever you are (for emergency use only). We recommend getting a dedicated inkpad for the best results.

We include a FREE black rubbed oxhide case with the purchase of any Wood Hanko

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This genuine oxhide hanko case is rubbed to give it a hard, textured that blends right in with your high quality leather artifacts. Pitch black with a muted gloss, the case feels very sturdy and has a satisfying click when you snap it open and closed.