Sponge Vermillion Inkpad

Never be without a quality inkpad handy!

Hard hanko cases all contain a small emergency sponge inkpad. But the small, flat inkpad makes it difficult to transfer enough ink to make a solid impression, so it’s not really recommended unless you have no other option. An inkpad larger than than seal with a curved surface is ideal to make a clean transfer.

Keep one of these inkpads with your hanko to ensure you get a clear print every time. The quality of sponge inkpads has improved drastically through the years, and now we offer three different sizes to choose from.

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    • 850 ¥
    • 1100 ¥
    • 1300 ¥


In the past, samurai contracts were sealed with keppan, a thumbprint sealed with the warrior’s own blood, cut by his own blade. The vermillion color of the Japanese seal comes from the blood of these keppan to represent the significance of their seal. There are two main types of vermillion inkpad: the common sponge-type inkpad and premium inkpads made from kneaded vermillion.

The sponge type is the most commonly used ink in Japan for sealing. It is inexpensive, easy-to-use and long-lasting. We offer sponge inkpads in three different sizes.

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